video corpo

taxiway light / position / LED / built-in



  • Type:

    taxiway, position

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    built-in, red

  • Domain:

    for airport runways


Features & Benefits
• availability in two versions:
- SafeLED IQ with integrated intelligence
- SafeLED with integrated fail-open technology
• support for controlled and uncontrolled installations
• SafeLED IQ fixture does not require any additional control box and is directly connected to the serial transformer
• compliance with Advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS)
• compatibility with existing electrical infrastructure and the Safegate 2A system for further power savings
• fully encapsulated all-in-one electronics
• built-in voltage surge and lightning protection
• 8” or 12” low protrusion, Style 3 Inset light fixtures
• no negative slope in front of the prisms
• LED technology that offers a long lasting light source with low power consumption
• IP68 protected, anodized aluminium housing designed for harsh weather environments (all fastenings in stainless steel)
• reinforced prism available as an option
• operational on 3- or 5-step ferroresonant or thyristor CCRs designed in compliance with IEC or FAA requirements
• easy handling and maintenance by modular design with few mechanical parts