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4-seater private aircraft / piston engine / twin-engine
LA-8C "AeroVolga"



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    piston engine

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The amphibian LA-8С is designed to operate in all latitudes and climatic zones, in fresh and salt water. The aircraft's landing gear allows operating from paved and unpaved runways.
Amphibian LA-8С is designed and made in accordance with the FAR-23.
It can be operated with one or two pilots and carry six to seven passengers.
The aircraft has composite airframe.
AeroVolga LA-8С is offered with the Lom Praha M337C-A V (take off power 235 HP).
The aircraft has the following parameters in the standard configuration:
Max. TOW – 2720 kg (6000 lb);
Empty weight – 1675 kg (3693 lb);
Fuel capacity – 315 kg (873 lb);
Maximum useful load is in standard version – 1045 kg;
Maneuvers speed Va, IAS – 260 km/h (140 kTs);
Stall speed Vso, IAS – 112 km/h (60 kTs);
Maximum approved altitude – 3.000 m (10.000 feet);
Seagoing ability allows operations with wave height up to 0,5 m.
The amphibian aircraft is equipped for instrument flight rules (IFR) operations.
The aircraft is equipped with set of flight, navigational and radio-link equipment:
• Pitot TP-156 with heating and indication of heating failure
• Static pressure reception system
• Dual flight and navigation indicators (PFD and MFD displays for both pilots)
• Engine monitor EDM-960 TWIN
• Reserve: speed indicator/altimeter/slide indicator
• Accelerometer
• Clock
• Compass magnetic 1 /" with a horizontal compass face
• System of fuel indication
• Alarm system panel
• Chassis indication panel
• Radio navigational GTN-650 unit
• Audiopanel, with possibility up to 6 Intercom connections
• 6 terminals for headsets
• Stall warning system with heated sensor
• Front and Rear - View cameras