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aircraft cabin lighting / LED
Mono Beadlight


  • Applications:

    for aircraft cabins

  • Illumination technology:



Mono is a new sleek fixed position light with a push open spring mechanism. The push open mechanism is not currently found on any of our other lights. The light is designed to be discreet and effective providing defined pool of light to the required area. The light is offered in 12-28v variable voltage; this can be customised to requirements.


We have manufactured lights using a number of different materials and composite's, please see below for a summary of what we have used

Metal : Anodised Bronze, Polished Nickel, Anodised Titanium, Clear Anodised and Gold Plated

Options of different tone LED’s is also available, light photographed shows the use of cool white LED’s but we can also provide a wide spectrum upon request.