Transportation ULM aircraft / 4-stroke engine / single-engine / 2-seater
BW 600 FG BlackWing Sweden AB


  • Applications:

    for transportation

  • Engine type:

    4-stroke engine

  • Other characteristics:


  • Number of places:


  • Cruising speed:

    252 km/h (156.59 mph)

  • Wingspan:

    8.4 m (27' 7")

  • Takeoff distance:

    150 m (492' 1")

  • Landing distance:

    300 m (984' 4")

  • Passenger capacity:

    2 unit

  • MTOW:

    Min.: 450 kg (992.08 lb)

    Max.: 473 kg (1042.79 lb)


The BLACKWING 600 FG offers you the great BLACKWING
experience with the added simplicity of a Fixed Gear aircraft. All
parts have been studied to minimize drag, from the
minimalistic but super strong main gear to the optimized
nosewheel strut fairing. Additional wheel pants make this
ultralight faster than most other retractable models on the
market. Perfectly suited for training or just to keep things
simple and maintenance free, the BLACKWING 600 FG will give
you the same great experience and safety features. You will not
outgrow this aircraft! And if the day comes you feel more for a
retractable model, we have a conversion kit ready at your
dealer. Another Industry First from BLACKWING SWEDEN.


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