proximity card reader / Wiegand / smart / with integrated keypad
S700s CEM Systems



  • Type:

    proximity, Wiegand, smart

  • Other characteristics:

    with integrated keypad

  • Applications:

    for access control

  • Domain:

    for airports


Combined Multi-Technology Intelligent Serial Reader and Controller

The S700s Card Reader is the next generation fully integrated combined serial card reader and controller, designed for use with AC2000 as part of an integrated on-line access control system.The S700s can be deployed to control access to restricted areas or in special applications where card activation of equipment is required.

The S700s communicates with the AC2000 host server via ECM, removing the need for an additional intelligent control panel in the system design.

The S700s has a large 2.4 inch graphical LCD which is used to display a number of predefined messages to cardholders depending on their privileges e.g. Wrong Zone, Lost/ Stolen Card, Card About to Expire, Access Granted and many more.

The IP65 rated polycarbonate enclosure houses the reader electronics and comes with a large 4x3 capacitive light touch keypad, graphical display screen and high intensity multi-colour LED light bar.

The S700s multi-tech version supports the simultaneous reading of traditional Proximity, MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire or iCLASS SE smart cards. This enables existing sites using proximity cards a seamless path to migrate to a more secure smartcard solution with zero system downtime and with no effect on security.