fuel valve / bleed / butterfly / gate
Electromech Technologies

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fuel valve / bleed / butterfly / gate fuel valve / bleed / butterfly / gate


  • Media:

    for fuel

  • Function:


  • Type:

    butterfly, gate, ball

  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Pressure:

    3,000 psi


Electromech Technologies designs and manufactures a number of electric motor driven Valves. These Valves incorporate Electromech Technology designed electric motors and gear boxes couple to Gate Valve bodies for fuel shut off applications and Butterfly Valve bodies for bleed air applications.


Motor operated: AC, brushed DC, and brushless DC
Type: gate, butterfly, ball, or spool
Fluids: oil, jet fuel, gasoline, turbine fuel, hydraulic or air
Pressure: up to 3,000 psi (20.684 MPa)
Diameter: 1/2" (13mm) to 3" (75mm)