surveillance radar / weather / for aircrafts
GWX™ 80 Garmin International, Inc.



  • Type:

    surveillance, weather

  • Applications:

    for aircrafts


Advanced Doppler Weather Radar with Automatic Threat Analysis
All-digital Garmin radar with volumetric scanning capability automatically adjusts antenna sweep pattern to accurately profile weather cells and provide threat analysis
Optional predictive windshear technology identifies and alerts pilot to areas where low- level shear conditions may be present
Advanced surveillance features include lightning and hail prediction, turbulence detection, zero blind range for close-in returns and ground clutter suppression
High-definition color palette uses up to 4 times more colors than traditional radars to provide more detailed contouring of storm cells, helping pilots easily discern threats
Ground mapping mode provides a real-time depiction of geographical features to aid in visual navigation
Powerful weather avoidance technology meets work-saving automation in the solid-state, Doppler-enabled GWX 80 radar. It combines excellent range and performance with precision target contouring plus volumetric scanning and automatic threat analysis to give you the most accurate, most robust cockpit technology for storm cell detection and interpretation.