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4-seater private plane / piston engine / single-engine / instructional
Super II-RG Glasair Aviation, LLC



  • Number of places:


  • Engine type:

    piston engine

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:



For 37 years the Glasair series has represented the ultimate in high performance kitbuilt aircraft. Their sleek lines and Lycoming performance ensure your longest trips take place in hours, not days. Their rock-solid composite construction and fully aerobatic skills provide thrills to remember a lifetime. Yet their approach and touchdown speeds and roomy interiors offer easy, sure handling and cross-country travel in comfort. Builders find Glasair-series aircraft satisfy their every desire in a fast platform. And it doesn’t hurt that a Glasair’s handsome good looks leave you feeling like a rock star at the local fly-in!Even though Glasair Aviation no longer pursues sales of Glasair-series kits, we continue to offer the fullest support possible in technical advice and available parts to our direct customers and those folks picking up full- or partially complete aircraft on the secondary market.