EMS helicopter / passenger transport / business / offshore


  • Mission:

    EMS, passenger transport, business, offshore, utility

  • Passenger capacity:

    10 - 20

  • Type:


  • Range:

    500 - 1000km, 100 - 300km

  • Type of engine:


  • Payload:

    1000 - 5000 kg


Since 1977, more than 850 S-76® aircraft have been delivered world-wide. We were proud to announce at this year’s HAI Heli-Expo that the fleet has amassed more than 7 million total fleet flight hours, while continuing its legacy of safety and reliability. The 40-year anniversary of the S-76’s first flight was celebrated on March 13, 2017.The Offshore mission accounts for 65 percent of the total flight hours accumulated fleet-wide to date. More than 10 percent of the fleet's flight hours have been flown in the critical life-saving missions of Search and Rescue and Helicopter Air Ambulance transportation. The S-76 is well-known for its work in VIP transportation and utility work. Today, it continues dependable service for all of these mission segments.More than 130 customers operate S-76 helicopters in a Corporate or VIP role. Ten countries rely on the S-76 for the Head of State mission.Sikorsky is proud of the S-76 fleet’s legacy. With more than 7 million hours of service, we are committed to supporting the platform and to continuous product improvements.Introduced in 1977, the S-76 series has had a long legacy of supporting our customers with reliability and comfort. Originally built for the rigorous demands of the offs​hore oil & gas transportation, its capabilities fit naturally into other market segments, such as Executive transport, SAR, Airline and Helicopter Emergency Medical/Air Ambulance Services.