aircraft antenna / ground / for drones / GPS
MAXWAVE Maxtena, Inc.



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    for aircrafts, ground, for drones

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The Maxwave™ 4×4 Train Antenna brings reliable high-speed wireless internet to onboard systems. Using its patented 4×4 MIMO technology, Maxwave™ enables high-bandwidth streaming communications for onboard systems. It is highly scalable and 2 units work together seamlessly to provide 8×8 performance as modems are upgraded to support an 8×8 MIMO system.

This exclusive rooftop antenna incorporates four broadband antenna elements operating simultaneously across all frequencies from 698 MHz to 6000 MHz, which includes 2G/3G/4G cellular, LTE, WiFi and WiMAX frequency bands used worldwide. By request, an active GPS/GLONASS antenna with a low noise figure, high linearity LNA, and integrated surge arrestor is available as an option.