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performance paraglider / single
Artik 5 NIVIUK



  • Applications:


  • Maximum passengers:


  • Maximum load:

    Max.: 125 kg (276 lb)

    Min.: 60 kg (132 lb)

  • Wingspan:

    Max.: 13.47 m (44'02")

    Min.: 9.59 m (31'05")

  • Wing surface:

    Max.: 28.8 m² (310 ft²)

    Min.: 18.9 m² (203.4 ft²)

  • Weight:

    Max.: 5.3 kg (11.68 lb)

    Min.: 4.3 kg (9.48 lb)


Cutting-edge Niviuk technology and an innovative design will transform your flights into unique experiences, thanks to unprecedented EN-C performance. Fly for miles on end with a wing that will revolutionise cross-country standards. REINVENTING THE SENSATION OF FLIGHT
Allow yourself to be surprised by a design completely tailored to your needs. Its dynamic and intuitive handling makes the Artik 5 the most accessible wing of its category, taking your experience of flight to the highest level. ENJOY EVERY KILOMETRE
On your adventures, stability is your best companion. Thanks to unrivalled damping and rigidity in the air, the wing will always remain solid both when accelerated and in rough air, allowing you always to feel comfortable.