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rescue parachute / single
PENTAGON NOVA Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.



  • Applications:


  • Maximum passengers:


  • Wing surface:

    25.5 m², 32 m², 37 m² (274.5 ft²)

  • Weight:

    1,170 g, 1,400 g, 1,570 g (41.27 oz)


Safety through innovation: the PENTAGON parachute distinguishes itself through innovative design, combined with high-quality materials. After deployment, the PENTAGON impresses with rapid opening, immediate oscillation damping and a low sink rate. The result is a rescue system you can fully trust in any situation.

Five sides for a high pendular stability. The five-sided shape is self-stabilising: if the PENTAGON experiences a pendular impulse towards a corner, the restoring force will automatically act in the opposite direction. Opposite a corner is an edge, where the airflow is significantly different and this counteracts unwelcome oscillations. The resulting pendular stability is excellent.

Quick to open, slow to descend. The sink rate is extraordinarily low: during certification, with maximum load, the Pentagon 120 had a sink rate of 5.2 m/s.

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