performance paraglider / intermediate / single
SWIFT 5 Ozone DA



  • Applications:

    performance, intermediate

  • Maximum passengers:


  • Maximum load:

    Min.: 55 kg (121 lb)

    Max.: 115 kg (254 lb)

  • Wingspan:

    Min.: 8.55 m (28'00")

    Max.: 12.48 m (40'11")

  • Wing surface:

    Min.: 18 m² (193.8 ft²)

    Max.: 28.1 m² (302.5 ft²)

  • Weight:

    3.88 kg, 4.1 kg (8.55 lb)


With Enzo 3 and Zeno tech
Next-gen 3D shaping and a refined OZONE SharkNose*
New reduced drag line plan
Enhanced internal structure for increased solidity in active air
Best in class glide performance across the entire speed range
Based on the Rush 5 but 30% lighter, the Swift 5 is a top of class Lightweight Sport-Performance-Intermediate wing that has been developed with the same technology used in our performance wings including the Enzo 3 and Zeno in addition to several new innovative features.

Over fifteen years of lightweight R&D have allowed us to deliver a wing that is not only top of class in terms of performance, but one of the lightest wings in its class. Thanks to a lighter sail, the Swift 5’s agility and handling is improved over the Rush 5, with a more precise feel. Another key difference is the ease of inflation and take-off behavior in general.

An extensive period of performance glide testing allowed us to evaluate the Rush and Swift 5 against class-leading wings from other manufacturers. The results have proven significant gains, especially in accelerated glide performance.

Like our performance and competition wings, the Swift 5 excels in active air and challenging conditions. Hundreds of hours test flying in real air and turbulent conditions have gone into the development, ensuring that it satisfies our own demanding requirements along with the True Performance design goals – real, usable performance in turbulent air throughout the speed range.