8-seater private plane / turboprop / single-engine / for skydiving
CRESCO Pacific Aerospace Ltd



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    for skydiving, agriculture


The Cresco, (Latin for "I grow"), combines a short take off and landing performance with a large load carrying capability. During development, feedback from operators of the Fletcher aircraft regarding areas in which the Fletcher was lacking was taken into account, however the strength of the original design was retained. Without compromising the ruggedness, and with a strong focus on ensuring that there was no additional weight in the aircraft, the Cresco emerged as a well loved aircraft optimised for operations off semi-prepared farm strips in hill country.

With its tricycle landing gear and rear mounted hopper the Cresco is unique in agricultural aircraft and, through this configuration, allows for safe operations off these sloping hill strips. The Cresco has the advantage of forward visibility and wind gust capabilities lacking in tail dragger aircraft with forward mounted hoppers.

In other roles it is able to take a pilot and allows seating for up to seven passengers or twelve skydivers, and can get to 14,000 ft (4,267m) in 12 minutes.