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electric actuator / linear / for aircraft
B6 SERIES Ray Allen Company, Inc.



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  • Applications:

    for aircraft


The B6 actuator is a small, powerful 12-14 Volt DC actuator featuring internal travel limiting switches. When activated, the actuator will continue to run until the power is turned off or until it automatically shuts off at the end of its travel. It can also be stopped in any position by switching off the power. Since the thrust is generated by means of a jackscrew, the output shaft will lock in any position when the power is off. Voltage polarity determines the direction of travel.

The B6 actuator shares the same footprint as our T2 / T3 Servo. The B6-7C and B6-11C model actuators have a brass output shaft designed to work with our C2 series clevis. The B6-7T and B6-11T model actuators have a brass, 10/32 threaded stud output shaft. Examples are shown below:

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