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liquid analyzer / for aeronautics
DSA3207 Scanivalve Corporation



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  • Other characteristics:

    for aeronautics


Features and Specifications +/- .12% full scale long term accuracy (15-300psig) 500Hz/channel sampling speed Multiple pressure ranges available per DSA Up to 1500 psi pressure range Auto zero offset correction “All Media” compatibility (wet/dry)ApplicationThe DSA3207 is used to measure up to 16 liquid absolute or gauge pressures (psia or psig). Pressures are input into 1/8 inch Swagelok® compression fittings via copper, steel, or plastic tubing. The pressure transducers are isolated from the media on the measurement side of the sensor by a stainless steel diaphram, wet/dry. Typical applications include liquid measurements for jet fuel and oil on a gas turbine, flow measurement across an orifice by measuring the high and low side of the orifice, tidal research facilities and for tow tanks.