aircraft cabin service trolley

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aircraft cabin service trolley aircraft cabin service trolley


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    for aircraft cabins


The folding trolley may be the ultimate means of transportation for your on-board service items. The trolley offers your passengers an excellent view of the service items. It carries your First Class or Business Class cocktail and dinner services, as well as newspapers or magazines. The folding trolley occupies a minimum of space when stowed. Zodiac Aerospace supplies a variety of folding trolleys in different designs and sizes that meet all relevant airframe specifications and airworthiness requirements. StructureThe standard folding trolley features three shelves. The trolley can be maneuvered easily and is equipped with foot-operated brakes. The folding trolley includes a lightweight stainless steel frame and shelves with a teakwood finish. The dimensions of the trolleys, as well as the number of shelves, can be customized to your specific requirements.