navigation light / anti-collision / LED / for aircrafts



  • Type:

    navigation, anti-collision

  • Technology:


  • Domain:

    for aircrafts


Signalization is performed by Navigation lights and anti-collision lights that are always illuminated while the aircraft is in operation.

The navigation light system allows an assessment of direction of flight as well as visual tracking of the A/C. It also allows determining orientation or position of the aircraft relative to an observer.
The system is generally constituted by two Wing Navigation Lights and a Rear Navigation Light.

In accordance with CS 25.1397, the light on the left wing is red while the light on the right wing is green. Zodiac Cockpit & Lighting Systems design has been based on LED source for 15 years and is using now the last generation of high power LED. The Anti-collision light system is an external, flashing, high intensity, white and red lights, respectively located on the wingtip of aircraft and on fuselage.

The white anti-collision lights are designed to provide high intensity pulsed light for aircraft recognition and collision avoidance.
In addition, the red beacon lights are used as a warning for the ground crews to notify them that the aircraft engines are running and they are used on ground and in flight.
Zodiac Cockpit & Lighting Systems design is based on high power LEDs with or without optical systems to comply with CS25 regulation.