Who we are

DEKAL LOAD BANKS is the only European manufacturer of portable load banks and power analyzers for testing and servicing Ground Power Units (GPUs) for civil and military aviation. We are specialized in development and production of 400Hz and 28.5V DC load banks, power analyzers and accessories.

Since the launch of the first load bank, our development efforts were concentrated on rethinking the simple load bank into a precise and powerful measuring instrument. By now, our load banks are the only products on the market of its kind to offer a complete power analysis.

Our design features compatibility with both workshop and airside operation, simple handling, rugged construction and durable cases for storage and easy transportation.

Our standard lead times are short, furthermore the company guarantees minimum stock levels for each load bank type in case of emergency supplies.

We are proud to be the preferred load bank supplier approved by major airlines, ground handlers and GPU manufacturers worldwide.

Our values

      Our name stands for a reason:

D - iversity of our superior products

E - volution tendency & Excellence 

K - eep it simple to our customer usage

A - dvanced technology production

L - eadership by example of credibility

    P O R T A B L E   L O A D   B A N K S


Portable load banks are used to simulate the aircraft connected to the GPU. For maintenance reasons, they are used to carry out adjustments and in addition also check characteristics of the GPU under different electric load conditions.

All our 400Hz load banks are capable to operate at any load (max. 600A load for 28.5V DC versions) for an unlimited time period. In case of diesel engine driven GPUs, it is possible to run the GPU at full load for an extended time period, thus decarbonizing the engine. Decarbonization at regular time intervals is essential to maintain the engine’s original performances.


Our load banks are available in both, analog and digital versions. Digital models include a precision measuring instrument, which allows up to 16 measurements of different electric quantities to be taken simultaneously. This transforms our load banks into a powerful simulation and analyzing device, that is capable of performing a throughout analysis of the GPU’s output.
On the instrument, the data can be read out on a high brightness LED display. USB and WiFi output link provides an easy solution in order to monitor the data on a PC, tablet or a smartphone. Additionally, a printout measurement report can be generated.

On all 400Hz digital versions we offer external power supply as well. In case of a sudden shut off of the GPU power supply, the load bank remains powered and thus continues to log measurements. Consequently, measurements of the GPU’s overload protection can be made without interruption.


• maximum power range from 45kW to 140kW
• continuous load increase and fine regulation in the range of 8 kW
• all subsequent loads in 8kW steps
• simultaneous measurements of Volts, Amperes, kW, kVA, Hz and cosφ (digital versions only)
• external power supply (option on digital versions)
• silent operation


• maximum power range from 300A to 2500A
• simultaneous measurements of Volts, Amperes and kW (digital versions only)
• aircraft engine start simulation (ESS)


• unique product on the market
• complete power consumption analysis of the aircraft connected to the GPU
• 400Hz, 28.5V DC and combined versions available
• simultaneous measurements of Volts, Amperes, kW, kVA, Hz and cosφ for each phase
• possibility to measure kWh and thereafter determine the cost of ground power
• USB and WiFi connection with a PC, tablet or a smartphone
• software offers data logging, graph drawing and printout report generation


In addition to our standard product range, we offer accessories such as:
• Cable Socket Testers
• Cable Plug Testers


• all our products are bundled with a tailor made protection case
• usable for storage and transportation
• built in wheels and pull-out handle for easy handling
• load banks can remain in the bottom part of the case during operation