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surveillance drone / aerial photography / mapping / for firefighting
surveillance drone

Endurance: 120, 140 min
Payload: 20 kg - 30 kg

Challengers ODIN-X and ODIN-XL rotary wing systems (UAV/UAS) are capable of autonomous flight, equipped with a camera, it becomes an affordable feature complete UAV/UAS that can be used to examine high-tension ...

aerial photography UAV / surveillance / inspection / agricultural
aerial photography UAV
Alpha 800 UAV

Maximum altitude: 3,000 m
Endurance: 3 h
Payload: 3 kg

The unmanned helicopter that does the hard work The Alpha 800 is simply the best in its class. It is the most reliable and durable unmanned helicopter available for a multitude of monitoring tasks.Utilizing ...

aerial photography drone / helicopter
aerial photography drone

... Internationale (FAI). PDH-02C was specially developed as an aircraft for the competition of the highest peak of the RC helicopter "FAI / F3C RC helicopter". In order to reduce the weight to the utmost ...

aerial photography UAV / helicopter / electric motor
aerial photography UAV

Endurance: 15 min

The PRODRONE PDH-03 single rotor helicopter has been developed from more than 30 years of RC Helicopter design experience. Our most advanced and sophisticated autopilot enables not only auto take-off ...

photography drone / racing / helicopter / electric motor
photography drone

Endurance: 65 min
Payload: 0.1 kg - 10 kg

... including the main motors, batteries, electronic speed controls (ESC), belts, and gears. Unlike most UAV helicopters that are based on common hobby grade helicopters, we chose to design ...

agricultural UAS / helicopter / electric motor
agricultural UAS

Endurance: 0 min - 180 min

... rugged, fully autonomous, industrial scale VTOL drone designed specifically for precision agriculture. Years of engineering have refined this system to one of the most capable, durable and easy to use drones ...

surveillance UAV / rotary airfoil / helicopter
surveillance UAV

Endurance: 180 min

General:Flexible platform option for the LUNA TUAS.MTOW:Max. 125 kg.Abmessungen: Length: 3,2 m, Height 1,1 m, Wideth 0,9 m.Antrieb: 30 KW Heavy-Fuel Turbo-shaft.Rotor: 3-Bladesystem, Rotordiameter 350 cm.Enrurance: ca. 3 hours.Guidance: ...

surveillance UAV / reconnaissance / rotary airfoil / helicopter
surveillance UAV

Endurance: 0 min - 25 min

Use:Reconnaissance and Surveillance in urban Environment and inside of buildingsMission Radius: max. 1000 mFlight Endurance: max. 25 minObservation Period:max. 3 hPropulsion: Electric MotorsDimensions:Rotor Diameter 60 cmWeight: Take-off ...

aerial photography drone / surveillance / rotary airfoil / helicopter
aerial photography drone
HEF 32

Maximum altitude: 6000'00"
Endurance: 14,400 s
Payload: 5 kg

The HEF 32 is an unmanned helicopter with a two-blade single rotor. Because of its size, weight and capabilities, it creates a class on its own and brings industrial reliability into the lightweight UAV ...

aerial photography drone / inspection / helicopter
aerial photography drone
Delta X

Endurance: 15 min - 20 min
Payload: 1.5 kg

Delta X is a helicopter-type drone made with composite materials, that has a vertical takeoff and landing. Its unladen weight of 5.8 kg allows to carry payloads until 1.5 kg. Delta X comes with an ICG® ...

surveillance drone / aerial photography / measurement / helicopter
surveillance drone

Maximum altitude: 18000'00"
Endurance: 36,000 s
Payload: 50 kg

Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER® S-100 Unmanned Air System (UAS) is a proven capability for military and civilian applications. The Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAS needs no prepared area or supporting launch ...

surveillance UAS / agricultural / oil & gas rigs / helicopter
surveillance UAS

Endurance: 45 min - 60 min
Payload: 2.5 lb

Gross Weight15 lbs Useful Load7.5 lbs Allowable Payload2.5 lbs Max Cruise EnduranceUp to 1 hour w/full payload Max Hover EnduranceUp to 45 min. w/full payload

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Pulse Aerospace
mapping UAV / fixed-wing / helicopter
mapping UAV
wintgra 1149

Endurance: 55 min
Payload: 800 kg

The Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capability allows the WingtraOne to ascend and move like a helicopter. For the mapping mission it transitions into forward cruise flight and matches the endurance and speed of ...

rotary airfoil drone / helicopter
rotary airfoil drone
Copter 4

Maximum altitude: 2,500 m
Endurance: 7,200 s
Payload: 8.5 kg

Thanks to its endurance and a particularly load-efficient design, Copter 4 UAV is particularly well adapted to perform ISR, protection or monitoring missions for military as well as civil applications.

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Survey Copter
surveillance UAV / inspection / helicopter
surveillance UAV
FT-100 FH

Maximum altitude: 5000'00"
Endurance: 3 h
Payload: 5 kg

FT-100 FH is a remotely piloted helicopter that has a configuration in counter-rotating rotors, optimized for cargo loading. This configuration enables equipment installation in a flexible and compact way, it minimizes ...

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Flight Technologies
surveillance drone / topography / helicopter
surveillance drone

Maximum altitude: 500 m
Endurance: 2 h
Payload: 20 kg

The HE300 is our large size model with a large carrying capacity. With his 3m rotor diameter and his optimal weight of 49.5 Kg, it's able to up to lead 20 Kg payload during about 2h in a range of 10Km. It's used to long duration missions ...

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reconnaissance UAV / search and rescue / helicopter
reconnaissance UAV

Endurance: 0 min - 300 min
Payload: 35 lb - 50 lb

The Guardian Unmanned HelicopterThe American made Guardian flies and maneuvers autonomously. It can be stored in a Humwee. Two operators launch the Guardian in 20 minutes and control the payload. Operators can be trained in two-three ...

inspection UAV / helicopter
inspection UAV
G15 Ag Solution

Endurance: 120 min

G15 Ag SolutionMade from precision engineered airframe using aircra aluminum and carbon ber. The G15 comes standard with three cameras (mul spectral; DSLR and HD Video), autopilot so ware, (auto take-off; auto fly and auto land), live ...

surveillance UAV / reconnaissance / rotary airfoil / helicopter
surveillance UAV

Maximum altitude: 3600'00"
Endurance: 90, 35 min

General Info Bayraktar Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a complete smart robotic field proven solution for short range reconnaissance and surveillance applications. Choice of Turkish Armed Forces Field Proven Robust Solution 200 units ...

surveillance drone / aerial photography / search and rescue / helicopter
surveillance drone

Endurance: 0 min - 60 min
Payload: 15 kg

Challis Heliplane UAV E950 "Patented" - high speed Heliplane flight technology - Almost twice the flight speed compared to conventional helicopter - Hover characteristics of helicopter ...

civil defense UAV / helicopter
civil defense UAV
RH2 'Stern'

Endurance: 60 min
Payload: 2.5 kg

The RH2 Stern robot helicopter system consists of a helicopter with camera or other sensor(s) and a groundstation from which the operator controls and monitors the helicopter. The helicopter ...

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Delft Dynamics
surveillance UAV / civil defense / helicopter / electric motor
surveillance UAV

Endurance: 0 min - 20 min
Payload: 6 lb

The 300 Series UAV is capable of rapid public safety or disaster response and surveillance. It is electric powered with up to a 20 minute flight duration depending on payload. The 320 is a fully autonomous system including ...

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Flint Hill Solutions
surveillance UAV / agricultural / search and rescue / for the mining industry
surveillance UAV

Endurance: 0 h - 8 h
Payload: 90 kg

... MULTITASK UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE – VERTICAL TAKE-OFF AND LANDING (UAV-VTOL). With its tandem-rotor configuration, the M-BARK™ technology and its unique capabilities, the LX300™ is the best suited UAV ...

aerial photography drone / mapping / inspection / helicopter
aerial photography drone

Endurance: 30, 40 min
Payload: 12 kg

Responder is the most reliable and flexible tool for aerial data acquisition. Advanced engineering meets functional design to provide the right information, into the right hands at the right time. So, whether you are the leading project ...

surveillance drone / aerial photography / helicopter
surveillance drone
Scout B1-100

Endurance: 90 min
Payload: 18 kg

... emergency inspection, supervision, and aerial monitoring. The Aeroscout Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter is our latest development of a completely autonomous, unmanned helicopter. The standard ...

agricultural UAS / inspection / helicopter / electric motor
agricultural UAS

Endurance: 240 min
Payload: 5 kg

The AiD-H85 is a versatile RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial System) helicopter featuring an intermeshing double rotor design that does not require a tail rotor. This leads to an outstanding stability, ...

aerial photography UAV / surveillance / for firefighting / helicopter
aerial photography UAV

Endurance: 45 min

... which suits the purpose Multirotors are “helicopterdrones equipped with multiple rotors giving it higher stability, lifting capacity and more user friendly. We have delivered many different multirotor ...