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AeroDrive - Airport Driving Simulator



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AeroDrive - Airport Driving Simulator

Adacel’s AeroDrive is an immersive training simulator exclusively designed to train airport drivers in a safe, risk-free 3D virtual reality environment. Aerodrive helps advance drivers’ skills for safe driving on airport grounds before they start operating in real-life environment. This is the only airport driving simulator to incorporate speech recognition technology and offer customizable lessons. The simulator also trains on Part 139 Certification requirements and is delivered with the replica of specific airports.

With students training in a simulated environment, airports can now lower vehicles’ ownership costs and increase their operational availability and lifespan. This driving simulator helps students become proficient with airports’ infrastructure, signage, and areas requiring specific clearance to increase safety on airport grounds. With AeroDrive, students learn ATC phraseology and correct use of the radio as well as how to drive on airport property during inclement weather conditions. Available training simulations: ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting), Pushback Tug, Fuel Truck, Baggage Cart, Seasonal Vehicles, Construction Vehicles, Catering Truck, Busses and more.

AeroDrive is your gateway to setting up your airport drivers for success, to best prepare them for the ever-demanding airport grounds, reduce their day-to-day stress and airport’s operational costs, while increasing efficiencies, productivity, and – most importantly – safety for everyone involved.