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LED floodlight / for runways / for airport terminals / outdoor



  • Lighting technology:


  • Applications:

    for runways, for airport terminals

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    Min.: 194 W

    Max.: 1,251 W


ADB SAFEGATE and ewo’s R-System LED floodlighting range ensures large areas of the airport such as aprons, parking stands and deicing stations are well-lit for optimal visibility and airfield safety. LED technology ensures exceptional performance and safer airside operations in a greener, more cost-efficient way. Used in high mast systems with mounting heights of up to 30 meters or more, ewo’s LED floodlight range is lightweight, compact and delivers fail-safe, precise illumination that is ICAO and FAA compliant. This feature-packed floodlight offers unparalleled benefits: hot-restart for improved safety, multi-layer configuration for uniform lighting, dimming for visual guidance, and a modular setup for easy maintenance. Furthermore, airports can enjoy overall savings ranging from 30 to 80% resulting from lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance and associated costs.