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airfield equipment simulator / training / PC-based airfield equipment simulator / training / PC-based - APRONAUT®


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APRONAUT® provides the most complete PBB training possible, removing the need to use real Passenger Boarding Bridges during training and reducing the risk of accidents to 0%
APRONAUT® is a computer-based simulator principally designed to train new Passenger Boarding Bridge drivers in how to control and drive these bridges in a safe and secure manner. It simulates every single operation and manoeuvre performed during the docking and undocking processes of different aerobridges on a large variety of aircraft models.

The APRONAUT® patented software allows users to visualize the various types of aircrafts and airport environments as well as the movements of an aerobridge, adapted to any situation. The software also keeps a historical back-up, enabling trainers to access and manage all the results from the docking manoeuvres performed by operators-in-training, compare this information with statistics, and assess whether trainees are ready to obtain their PBB operator certificate.

Airlines and handling agents must ensure that aircraft handling personnel are properly trained, monitoring and auditing operation procedures of docking a Passenger Boarding Bridge. Turnover among personnel is typically high, training is inconsistent, and operating procedures are often non-existent or ignored.

Training with an aerobridge simulator is key to prepare personnel for the responsibility of docking a PBB.