airport snow plow / with tilting blade
Tarron HP



  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Other characteristics:

    with tilting blade

  • Blade height:

    1,076 mm

  • Working width:

    Max.: 4,415 mm

    Min.: 3,307 mm


Tarron HP
Highway snow plough
A high-performance snow plough for use on motorways, delivering extremely wide clearing paths in moderate accumulations of snow. The Tarron HP is suitable for attachment to trucks of more than 18 tonnes.

Benefit from:

a light snow plough which minimises front axle load.
efficient motorway clearance across wide paths.
clean clearing results, even at high speeds, as the blade segments automatically adapt to surface unevenness.
snow clearing at various angles, including to the left, whereby the side blade does not collide with the vehicle.