airport snow blade

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airport snow blade airport snow blade - CPL


  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Blade height:

    82 cm (32.3 in)

  • Working width:

    1,780 mm, 2,035 mm (70.08 in)


Single-blade snow plough

The single-blade snow ploughs in the CPL construction series with the tried and tested CP override system are suitable for mounting onto narrow track utility vehicles. By virtue of the high torsional resistance provided by their robust box construction, the CPL snow ploughs are well suited for the aggressive snow clearance of medium to large amounts of snow.

The CPL snow plough system
The CPL snow plough is most typically deployed in municipal areas such as inner cities and car parks, but can equally be used in works depots or company compounds. Thanks to its design, it is also suitable for mounting onto pickups, four by fours or fork lift trucks.

Snow clearance in all weather conditions
The CPL can come to terms with the road surface no matter what the operational conditions are. This is made possible by the plough’s automatic override system, which is kept under tension by sets of springs, thus making aggressive snow clearance possible. The spring load with the cutting edge is only knocked backwards after colliding with real obstacles, but the plough blade itself does not alter its position and is therefore not damaged. Once the obstacle on the ground has been negotiated, the spring load swings back into place as a result of the pressure of the springs.