airport snow blade
Tarron Compact



  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Blade height:

    950 mm

  • Working width:

    2,035 mm, 2,290 mm, 2,540 mm


Tarron Compact
Multi-blade snow plough
With the multi-blade Tarron Compact, Schmidt has introduced an entirely new snow plough that is particularly geared towards Aebi's TT and VT/TP vehicles. This highly efficient snow plough can also be attached to narrow-track vehicles and small tractors. Its outstanding clearing performance especially shines when it comes to removing larger amounts of snow from roadways, parking lots, industrial areas or private property. The highly cost-effective Tarron Compact is also equipped with a flexible deviation system to prevent damage to both the vehicle and the road surface.

Powerfully removes even hard-packed snow and ice

The spring-loaded individual blades permit very aggressive snow removal: even hard-packed or icy snow is not a problem. The independent blade suspension enables each blade section to flexibly adapt to uneven surfaces. Combined with the optimum geometry of blade and cutting edge, this ensures a very clean snow-clearing performance with excellent results. The blades also feature a flow-optimised design along the outer side that dramatically improves snow ejection. An optional PU blade extension offers maximum collision protection, thereby preventing repair costs.