truck-mounted snow blower / for airports



  • Type:


  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Working width:

    2,200 mm

    Max.: 2,650 mm

    Min.: 1,600 mm

  • Snow clearance capacity:

    850 t/h, 1,400 t/h, 1,800 t/h (520.54 lb/s)


Snow cutter blower
The robust range of FS snow cutter blowers are designed to be mounted on UNIMOGs and tractors and to be used for severe winter municipal road maintenance. They are extremely efficient at clearing high levels of hard, icy snow. They are also capable of removing the side walls of snow left behind by snow ploughs.

Construction and technology

The FS series are made of high-quality materials making them capable of managing large demanding tasks. With their serrated cutting drum they are able to easily deal with old and hardened, icy snow. Snow cutting knives mounted on the side move the snow in front of the cutter drums. The snow is conveyed by the open cutting drums to the blower wheel and ejected through the 275° hydraulically pivoting chute. The FS mountable snow cutter blowers meet a wide range of demands with their wide variety of clearing abilities and widths. The drums and blower wheels are available in a large range of diameters. The snow cutter blower is powered by the frontal P.T.O. of the carrier vehicle respectively by the power hydraulics through a hydraulic motor. The power is directed to the blower wheel by drive shafts respectively via gear shift. After the blower wheel, an angular gear powers the cutting drums. The cutting drums are located in the middle and on the sides for more stability. Thanks to optimisation of the cutting drum and blower wheel, the high clearing performance could even be increased.