runway deicer / spreader / vehicle-mount



  • Applications:

    for runways

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Tank capacity:

    350 l (92.46 gal)


Stratos 0,6 - 0,8 m³
The small product line of Stratos de-mountable spreaders

The modular construction system of the Stratos de-mountable spreaders in the small product line allows a variety of configurations to fit in individually with the different deployment needs and carrier vehicles.

The specialist for small road surfaces
The small Stratos construction series is intended for mounting onto transporters with a platform, pick-ups or narrow track vehicles. Their classical areas of operation are relatively small surfaces such as depots, car parks, cycle paths and footpaths as well as narrow lanes in old town centres and local roads. The Stratos can be equipped with either the classical auger or the reliable conveyor belt system.

High quality materials
In the Stratos machines of the small construction series, the same technology is put to work as in the larger Stratos spreaders. The small Stratos de-mountable spreader can spread not only de-icing materials but also grit and – exactly like its larger sisters – can be guided by one of the control systems of the EvolutionLine from within the driver’s cab. The hopper comes in sizes going from 0.6 m³ to 0.8 m³. It is made out of stainless steel and powder coated. A long working life and high degree of protection against corrosion are thus guaranteed.