runway deicer / spreader / truck-mounted
Stratos Lava



  • Applications:

    for runways

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Working width:

    3 m (9'10")

  • Tank capacity:

    3,000 l (792.52 gal)


Mountable Spreader

The Stratos Lava series of spreaders only come into action when temperatures reach levels that make de-icing with conventional de-icing agents unsuitable. When used in permafrost conditions, they create long-lasting anti-skid surfaces.

The Traction Specialist

The mountable Stratos Lava spreaders provide drivable road surfaces even when temperatures remain constantly below freezing point. This is not achieved by using salt and brine but instead with heated water and sand. When pre-wetted salt, brine and dry salt are no longer effective on icy, slippery and snow-packed road surfaces, then the Stratos Lava is able to make them drivable again.

Heated Water and Sand

Apart from a special grit bin for sand, the Stratos Lava is also equipped with a Stratos spreading system which includes a stainless steel spreading plate over a heating unit and an insulated water tank. Before use, the water is heated to 45° in the diesel powered heating unit and pumped into the insulated tanks. During the spreading process the water flows through the heating unit again. When reaching a temperature of up to 90° it is subsequently sprayed onto the sand by a special nozzle which is located in the chute. The heated sand is then spread onto the road by the well-established Stratos distribution system and sinks into the icy surface due to its high temperature.