runway deicer / sprayer / truck-mounted



  • Applications:

    for runways

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Working width:

    8 m, 20 m, 24 m (26'02")

  • Tank capacity:

    20,000 l (5,283.44 gal)


Airport Sprayer
The WSP was developed for the de-icing of airport aprons. Its spray and projection nozzles guarantee highly accurate distribution of the de-icing liquid. The maximum spraying width is 20/24 metres.

Construction and Technology

The WSP is comprised of three components: the modular polyethylene fluid tanks, the drive unit as well as, a rear-mounted spray bar with spray nozzles and projection nozzles. The high-quality nozzles are set in a row located on the spray bar of the compact class (up to 8 m). One projection nozzle is located on each upper side of the spray bar ends. The vehicles of the large series (up to 24 m) have projection nozzles mounted on the rear and/or at the end of the extendable spraying arms. The entire machine is coated with a specially developed corrosion protection. All cavities are air closed. The spray tubes are made of stainless steel. The sprayer is designed for mounting on light, medium and heavy carrier vehicles. The WSP’s modular design offers a wide variety of assembly options. This means that it can be easily customised to meet the individual needs of the various airports. For example, mounting the sprayer on the carrier vehicle can either be done via a fix-mount or de-mountable system.