video corpo

2-axis gimbal / for cameras / high-precision



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    for cameras, high-precision


Design Features
Standard models 152.4 mm through 609.6 mm optic diameters
Exhibits excellent thermal stability of better than 2 µrad/°C
Precise positioning is ensured by sub-arc-second resolution capability
Mounting holes are slotted to accommodate English or metric hole pattern
Can be supplied prepared for use in vacuum
Custom precision mounting designs are available for centering non-circular payloads on the gimbal
The AOM130M series of gimbal mounts position optical components as large as 600 mm in diameter in both azimuth and elevation. The AOM130M mounts provide outstanding stability and sub-arc-second resolution for use in optics and laser experimentation in research or industrial laboratory settings.

Precision Bearings Ensure Accuracy
The AOM130M's precision gimbal pivot ball bearings minimize backlash and reduce stiction. The mirror cell and azimuth bearing systems utilize high-quality preloaded angular contact bearings that permit fully-loaded operation in any orientation, including upside-down.