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aircraft traffic alert and collision avoidance system



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    for aircrafts


TRX-1500 marks the heart of the traffic avoidance installation. Its flexible interface concept allows for direct connection to many compatible indicators, third party navigation systems (including IFR certified panelmount systems such as GARMIN GTN®), or even Apps.TRX-1500 transmits and receives FLARM® data. This means it is shows and is recognized by over 30,000 FLARM® users worldwide. In addition to FLARM® signals, it receives ADS-B and Mode-S traffic data (TRX-1500 is only capable of computing the horizontal and vertical range of Mode-S traffic. The direction of Mode-S targets is not detected). TRX-1500 integrates quickly into exisiting avionics ecosystems. Minor Change Approvals and EASA Standard Changes are available for many aircraft types simplifying the legal part of the installation process.