ULD slave pallet / for air cargo

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ULD slave pallet ULD slave pallet


  • Type:

    for ULD

  • Applications:

    for air cargo


The Slave Pallet is used is Air Cargo preparation to transport, loading and unloading of ULDs.

The usage of the Slave Pallets is very versatile. It can be used as a mobile Workstation for build-up and break down of ULDs and Cargo Pallets and as a Storage media (single or staged). Staging pallets is very useful where several Slave Pallets enable the quick load and unload of a truck or the fast receipt and dispatch of ULDs to/from the ULD system.

When not in use, the Slave Pallets are easily stackable for storage to save floor space.

The Slave Pallets are designed for heavy loads with heavy duty rollers for transportation of up to 6.8 tons of cargo. The Slave Pallets are designed fo

The advantage of the Slave Pallet is the mobility and the flexibility of the overall system. The operator is free to combine the components for an economic configuration, as required in special situations.