passenger management software / luggage management / for airports



  • Function:

    passenger management, luggage management

  • Applications:

    for airports


Allow airports to run their own proprietary software
A flexible provisioning environment, Amadeus EASE™ allows airlines to run their own check-in and boarding software without modifications or limitations while still retaining all the benefits of a common use passenger processing environment.
Add airline applications onto common use infrastructure
Amadeus EASE™ allows airlines to easily extend their applications onto your airport’s common use infrastructure.
Purchase for less than traditional common use systems
Flexible, Amadeus EASE™ can be implemented at any airport, large or small, and at a cost far below that of traditional common use systems.
Not limited by proprietary software
Many traditional common use systems are based on proprietary software and are limited to using only the operating systems, computers, and peripherals approved by the system vendor. Amadeus EASE™ is different.