air traffic radar / weather / secondary / primary



  • Type:

    weather, secondary, primary

  • Applications:

    for air traffic


The ASC Signal S-band Radar
Antenna was designed with the latest
state-of-the-art software to generate the
reflector profiles, and uses the latest
technology for the feed system.
The dual drive pedestal rotator is
designed to support the primary and large
vertical array secondary radar antenna.
These antennas and pedestals are
manufactured to stringent specifications
and perform to the exacting standards
demanded of them. ASC Signal has
invested in extensive manufacturing tooling
to ensure repeatability in production. The
ASC Signal Corporation S-band Primary
Surveillance Radar Antenna is a widely
deployed advanced antenna with a
proven record of performance and
reliability. Drawing on its renowned
advanced antenna and pedestal design
techniques, ASC Signal fabricates these
surveillance radar antennas and pedestals
with proven performance advantages.
Choose the ASC Signal advantage for
your next radar system. Complete system
solution with rotary joint is also available.