tungsten carbide tap / for steel / for cast iron / for nickel alloy
Cut 6



  • Material:

    tungsten carbide

  • Treated material:

    for steel, for nickel alloy, for cast iron

  • Other characteristics:

    for the aerospace industry


Double cut
Cut geometry for general purpose applications.

Features & Benefits:

Allowing rapid stock removal
Increasing production output
Resulting in a smoother operation
Breaking down the material removed efficiently

Cut 6 - Synopsis
® Introduction:
o Bur geometry designed for general purpose applications
® Features & Benefits:
o Advanced cutting geometry
•Allowing rapid stock removal
•Increasing production output
•Resulting in a smoother operation
•Breaking down the material removed efficiently
o CNC machined - high consistent quality
o Manufactured to strict quality control standards - incorporates 100% inspection of brazed joints
o Combination of ATA air tool with cut 6 geometry - gives a guaranteed smoother grinding operation

Industry target:
oDie & mold
oPower Generation
oOil & Gas
® Applications
o Rapid stock removal on a broad spectrum of materials e.g. steels, copper, cast irons & nickel alloys