obstruction light / for airports / LED / red



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  • Domain:

    for airports

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  • Other characteristics:

    red, medium-intensity


Double-bodied Medium Intensity > 20.000 cd Type A / 230 Vac
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The Medium intensity aviation obstruction light > 2000 cd Type L-864 Baglem® led light used at a height between 45 meters and 105 meters is used for night signaling as required by the ICAO STANDARD Type A, FAA Type L-864 to signal: buildings, pylons, towers, telecom towers, chimneys, tanks, wind turbines. Baglem® light led Medium intensity lamp > 2000 cd Type L-864 emits a beam of light with a 360 ° irradiation angle of Aeronautic Red color with intermittent light with a frequency that can vary from 20 to 60 flashes per minute or different frequencies on request. Baglem® light LED uses SMD LED technology which has many advantages such as energy saving and environmental impact, which allow it to last over time. In addition, the led circuit, composed of 36 "Multiled" leds, is powered by 3 separate circuits, in the event of a LED failure there is no risk of remaining without light source as for the luminaires that have only a single "Monoled" LED. Our team provides technical advice on regulations and products.