protective barrier / fixed / for airports
TB 400 Double

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protective barrier / fixed / for airports protective barrier / fixed / for airports - TB 400 Double


  • Type:

    protective, fixed

  • Domain:

    for airports


TB 400 Double
The TB Double Plus is a double traffic barrier that closely resembles a guardrail which goes the extra mile in shielding pedestrians from vehicle collisions. The TB Double consists of two parallel horizontal tubes placed on top of each other, fortified by a mid-post. Essentially, the TB Double is a TB 400 with an added extra protective line, making the barrier extra robust when a high-impact crash happens.

Ideal guardrail for fast-manoeuvering forklifts
The TB Double barriers operate as a kind of guardrail with which you can shield business zones from vehicles that have a higher impact risk. A wrong manoeuvre with a forklift can easily cause substantial damage to your machines or your building. This impact-resistant TB Double is part of a highly flexible, modular crash protection system that provides highly effective impact protection for collisions involving an impact severity that should not be underestimated. What is unique about this FLEX IMPACT® barrier is that it will return to its original shape and appearance after a crash.