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self-propelled snow blower / for airports
Jetbroom 10000 T



  • Type:


  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Working width:

    Max.: 5,700 mm

    Min.: 3,850 mm


New development by Marcel Boschung AG in the field of towed sweeper/blowers.

Key Benefits at a Glance
A special, freely configurable Boschung designed chassis, for heavy winter maintenance duties with special axle
Performance-optimized work engine
Suitable even for extreme temperatures
Optimized clearing capacity by use of optional blower in front of the broom
Customizable for various broom or plough widths
User friendliness
The entire operating, controlling and monitoring is done with the Boschung Vpad and Joystick in the cabin
All settings are programmable
Central greasing for vehicle and equipment
Can be used with any towing vehicle on the market