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vertical turning center / universal / horizontal / CNC
Ultrix 1000 / 1000RT



  • Spindle orientation:

    vertical, universal, horizontal

  • Control type:


  • Number of axes:


  • Other characteristics:

    for the aerospace industry

  • Diameter:

    Max.: 1,000 mm (39.37 in)

    Min.: 0 mm (0 in)

  • Spindle speed:

    14,000 rpm, 18,000 rpm, 28,000 rpm (87,964.594 rad.min-1)


The Ultrix machining centres turn workpieces both horizontally and vertically combined with the tilting motion of axis. The turning bar with a 150mm vertical travel and positioned to the side of the vertical RAM it is possible to turn workpieces with heights greater than travel Z. This solution allows for, amongst other important features, to use very short tools instead of the conventional longer tools which are prone to abrupt jerks when machining and the use of vibration damping bars is limited just to intensive turning operations when machining very hard and resistant materials. The Ultrix range of machining centres can be fitted with a turning/milling spindle which allows varying tool positions and facilitates changeover from vertical to horizontal turning operations on the same workpiece optimising, in this way, both machining operations and tool consumption. With this range of machining centres it is possible to turn in diagonal workpieces up to 1000mm.