metal detector / explosives / X-ray / fixed

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metal detector / explosives / X-ray / fixed metal detector / explosives / X-ray / fixed - SAMDEX


  • Type:

    explosives, metal, X-ray

  • Portability:


  • Applications:

    for airports, personnel

  • Other characteristics:



Certified against relevant detection standards for explosive and metallic threats
Bulk detection, based on actual material properties measurement
Increased checkpoint throughput by elimination shoe divestiture and X-ray check
Increased comfort: passengers keep their shoes on
Ergonomics: use of the Shoe Scanner is simple and stress-free
Analysis time: 4 sec. typical/shoe
Clear “OK/ALARM” inspection result

SAMDEX allows passengers shoes to be analyzed with no need to remove them to undergo X-Ray inspection. SAMDEX automatically detects, in a few seconds, the presence of metallic and non-metallic threats such as firearms, knives and explosives. Guided use is provided through proper graphic animations.

The main components and features of this system are as follows:

A “step” structure designed so that the person being examined only has to place his/her foot in a welldefined area indicated by a positioning “footprint” engraved on the upper surface of the step.
An automatic step-by-step guide to use of the analyzer, which addresses both the person being inspected and the security inspector via visual and audio messages.
A compact, non-obstructive construction, characterized by its high degree of robustness and structural stability.
Use of the Shoe Scanner is simple and stress-free. The time required for analysis is reduced to the minimum thanks to the innovative mechanical and electronic solutions adopted and is no longer necessary to bend down to carry out manual inspection.

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