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electric actuator / rotary / linear / for aircraft

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electric actuator / rotary / linear / for aircraft electric actuator / rotary / linear / for aircraft


  • Type:


  • Movement:

    rotary, linear

  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Technology:

    ball screw


Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuators
Collins Aerospace is a supplier of Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuators and complete systems with decades of experience and is established as a recognized leader in the designs, certification and manufacture of HSTS’s. Our HSTS’s are designed to meet the most recent certification and regulatory requirement for these flight critical components. Collins Aerospace is recognized for the system engineering prowess that accompanies the design development and testing of critical flight control systems of this nature. For a complete HSTS’s Collins has depth of experience in also supplying the control electronics for these systems. Collins application span aircraft from large transport category aircraft to the most sophisticated business and regional jets.

Features & Benefits
Leading supplier of Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuators in ATS, BRS and military markets: Provides you with a large portfolio and our extensive design experience.
Ball-screw design with patented fail lock device: Patented locking device keeps the unit in place, preventing uncommanded motion in the event of a failure.
Dual structural load path: Provides pin-to-pin structural connection in the unlikely event of a primary load path failure.
Dual or triple electric drive motors: Provide system redundancy and availability
Skewed roller “no backs”: Due to the low friction and efficiency of a ball screw, a mechanical brake or “no back” prevents the actuator from being back driven.
On condition” maintenance: Highly reliable design and our applied depth of in-service experience result in our Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuators requiring no hard life overhauls.