plate aluminum alloy / aeronautical



  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Thickness:

    400 mm

  • Mechanical strength:

    310,000,000 Pa (44,961.7 psi)

  • Elasticity:

    270,000,000 Pa (39,160.2 psi)

  • Typical elongation:

    1.3 %


Performance properties and capacities
Alloy of aluminium with Zinc, 7021 combines homogeneity and strong thickness whilst ensuring good mechanical
properties. As its chemical composition is very much restricted, its low impurity content is such that it has excellent
behavioural properties for welding, anodisation, chemical grinding, as well as mechanical polishing. Its thermal treatment
mass performed makes it an aluminium: homogeneous, stable to machining and resistant to corrosion.
An ideal aluminium for thicknesses over 100mm, prototype moulds, moulds for elastomers or injection of plastic materials,
assorted mechanical parts, structural elements of special machines