ADS-B receiver / weather / with integrated GPS / portable

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ADS-B receiver / weather / with integrated GPS / portable ADS-B receiver / weather / with integrated GPS / portable - DRX


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    with integrated GPS, portable

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    for aircrafts


Portable Dual Band ADS-B Traffic and Weather Receiver
The Dynon DRX is an affordable, dual band ADS-B receiver that fits in your pocket and lasts all weekend on a single charge. Pair the DRX with your favorite mobile app for superior in-flight situational awareness: Get the full traffic picture with ADS-B traffic reception on both 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz frequencies. In the US, you’ll also receive free text and graphical weather from the FAA’s network of ADS-B ground stations.

The Dynon DRX comes with a sturdy, protective carrying case and a USB charging cable. With superior battery life, the Dynon DRX can last all weekend on a single charge.

Dual Band Traffic via 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz
Dimmable LED Lights for Power, GPS, and ADS-B
Wi-Fi Connectivity to Most Aviation Apps
ForeFlight, FlyQ and many more
Any app that supports industry standard GDL 90 format data
Any app that supports “Stratux” type devices
Subscription-Free In-Flight Weather
NEXRAD Radar (Regional and CONUS)
METARs, TAFs, and more
WAAS GPS Position
Weekend-long Battery Life
Includes Durable Carrying Case
Includes 3’ USB Charging Cable

Connect the DRX to your tablet or phone via Wi-Fi to send GPS position and subscription-free ADS-B Traffic and Weather to your favorite aviation app.

DRX supports connectivity with most mobile aviation apps, including Foreflight and FlyQ, for superior in-flight situational awareness. See the entire traffic picture with dual band ADS-B reception and receive ADS-B in-cockpit weather products such as NEXRAD Radar, METARS, TAFs, and more.

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