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fuel pump / for aircraft

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fuel pump / for aircraft fuel pump / for aircraft - 20026


  • Medium:


  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Fuel flow:

    1 m³/h (35 ft³/h)


The pump is mounted within the canister which is located in the aircraft fuel tank. This allows the pump to be removed without having to drain the tank. This positive displacement vane pump is driven by a fuel flooded DC motor.
It provides fuel supply to the APU during start-up, utilising
either a ground based DC supply or an aircraft battery supply. In the event of an in-flight engine flameout the pump can be used to provide fuel to relight the main engine.

The unit has an excellent dry running capability and incorporates a thermal device which terminates the DC supply to the motor should
overheating occur. Being a positive displacement pump the reprime capability is very effective.

One pump is fitted to each large commercial aircraft utilising this system.