self-service bag drop / with CUSS / with printer / with barcode reader



  • Type:


  • Function:

    with CUSS, with printer, with barcode reader, with card payment system, with passport reader, with RFID reader

  • Domain:

    for airports



The Embross VelocityBagDrop is a next generation, flagship automated self bag drop solution under Embross’ Velocity Self Service portfolio.

Following the successful and influential path of the first generation Embross SBD, the Embross VelocityBagDrop represents a significant generational shift in technology, design and capability.

Introducing a range of new innovations, including computer vision technologies and complete biometric recognition and validation capabilities, the VBD also embraces fresh technological approaches to deliver better security, safety and efficiency to the bag drop experience.

Airports and airlines alike will be empowered with a highly flexible and customizable self bag drop solution that will deliver fast sub-10 second transactions, 98%+ scan rates and all within the smallest possible footprint.

The VBD is a secure, safe and highly usable automation solution for processing millions of passengers each year.