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Cross-Cockpit Collimated Display System

The CDG-2260 combines TREALITY's expertise in designing collimated display systems, with the company's leadership in professional visualization. With an unobstructed 220° horizontal and 60° vertical field of view, this collimated display system offers pilots the closest experience to real cross-cockpit flying.

Designed to Perform

The spherical glass mirror with 11-foot radius is designed using a unique closed-loop design process around TREALITY's proprietary SimCAD software. This allows us to accurately predict the visual performance of the system, and to fine-tune the overall system design - resulting in unmatched collimating performance, improved sweet spot for the pilots, and a wider range of pilot eye point separations. To match particular platforms, the CDG-2260 can be delivered with a vertical bias of +30°/-30° (typically for fixed wing training) or +20°/-40° (typically for rotary wing training).