fixed ground power unit / for aircraft

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fixed ground power unit / for aircraft fixed ground power unit / for aircraft - GMR-225V


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Power:

    200 kVA, 220 kVA (272 hp)

  • Voltage:

    230 V, 400 V

  • Frequency:

    50 Hz


GMR-225V is a power generator part of the GMR Rental Line, a series of diesel generators equipped with EU regulated engines Stage IIIA and specifically designed for rental purpose.

Features available:

ACP – Digital Control Panel (Standard)
MPP – Digital Control Pane (Standard – Alternative to ACP)
ADI-B – Differential Protection (Accessory)
TLP4 – Terminal Low Potential Type 4 (Accessory only with MPP)
TLP6 – Terminal Low Potential Type 6 (Accessory only with ACP)
RCG13 – Remote Control InternetBridge-NT (Accessory only with MPP)
RCG15 – Remote Control Module IB-LITE (Accessory only with ACP)
RCG16 – Remote Control Module IL-NTGPRS + Antenna (Accessory only with ACP)
QFC – Quick Fit Fuel Connectors (Accessory)
WSP – Fuel/Water Separator Filter (Accessory)
HDF – Heavy Duty Air Filter (Accessory)
HPP – Hot Parts Protection (Standard)
ESA – Exhaust Spark Arrestor ATEX (Accessory)
PHS – Pre Heating System (Accessory)
ASV – Ait Shutoff Valve (Accessory)
GGS – Galvanized Sliding Skid (Accessory)
BFB – Baseframe Bumpers (Standard)