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aircraft seat / for passengers
VECTOR™ Economy V2

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aircraft seat / for passengers aircraft seat / for passengers - VECTOR™ Economy V2


  • Applications:

    for aircrafts

  • Type:

    for passengers


HAECO Cabin Solutions
VECTOR™ Economy V2
Vector™ Economy V2 is certified to TSO C127(b) and carries an industry-leading warranty. Informed by HAECO’s years of experience delivering aircraft maintenance and building aircraft seats, Vector Economy V2 minimises the operator’s acquisition, installation, and maintenance costs through pre-certification, modular design, parts commonality, and streamlined manufacturing.

Ergonomically optimized to fit passengers comfortably while maintaining low cost, light weight, comfort, and ease of maintenance, Vector Economy V2 offers a full line of standard and selectable features which can be tailored to accommodate both short haul and long haul operators.