non-contact 3D scanner / for the aerospace industry / surface measurement



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    for the aerospace industry, surface measurement

  • Distance range:

    550 mm (21.65 in)


Compact White Light Measurement System

Flashes occur everywhere: The Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence WLS qFLASH is a non-contact multi-talent which rapidly carries out 3D measurements, creates reports and digitizes right on the spot. Lightweight, easy to handle and robust. It is designed for use on a tripod and in handheld mode, for ultra-portable measurements on the part or direct root cause analysis.

WLS qFLASH is an affordable solution for:
Automotive suppliers
Aerospace suppliers and OEMs
Plastic part manufacturers
Electronic part manufacturers
The WLS qFLASH projects a random pattern on the measuring object and analyses surfaces, features and edge lines using stereo vision. Paired with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence proprietary CoreView 3D measurement suite, the WLS qFLASH is the perfect tool for a broad range of applications:
Sheet metal part measurement
Inspection of closures
Measurement of aluminium and metal casting
Inspection of plastic parts, interiors and small moulds